Our approach

Birmingham Title Agency is committed to moving at your speed—and your client’s—so that, instead of being the limiting factor that holds up everyone else, we can work with all parties to get deals opened, scheduled, and closed on time.

Our approach is driven by three hands-on principal owners, who are also practicing real estate attorneys. When the success of your deal relies on the efficient resolution of a legal matter, or on gauging whether a legal issue is a real-world problem or not, our owners are always able to find a solution to move the deal forward. Unlike other agencies, there are no delays or miscommunications from consulting outside counsel or uninvolved ownership.

Birmingham Title is a technology-driven company. We use the most up-to-date software for file processing, title examining, file sharing, document recording, and remote closing and notarizing. As a result, we can provide title exam results in days rather than weeks; edit documents in minutes, not days; and schedule closings anywhere in the country on a day’s notice. This focus on using technology to streamline the title process also allows us to provide unlimited options for getting your deal closed, including remote, counterpart, and electronic closings.

We are also committed to being a full-service title agency. Besides the core commercial, residential, and lender title services, we also handle construction draws, 1031 exchanges, title searches on a nationwide basis, and pure-escrow services. That way, you know that everything needed to close your deal is happening at the same place, managed by the same people.

Finally, we are committed to maintaining title excellence into the future by training the next generation of title industry professionals. Birmingham Title Agency focuses its resources on hiring the top talent in the industry as well as training new talent with a passion for title and real estate. We take title licensing seriously, encouraging our employees to get individual title insurance producer licenses and take continuing education workshops. By bringing younger professionals into the industry, we ensure that our clients have the continuing benefit of both experience and innovation, for decades to come.

Our network

We are proud to work with the absolute best people in the real estate industry, bar none. Whether you are a seller or buyer, real estate agent, mortgage broker or lender, Birmingham Title Agency provides more than just title services. With decades of legal experience and title industry knowledge, we have formed connections with the best in the industry. If you are looking for top rated inspectors, appraisers, contractors, insurance agents, brokers, or lenders, we have worked with the very best and we are happy to provide referrals. If you are navigating the probate world because a loved one has passed and you need assistance managing their estate, we have the professionals you need to help you get the estate properly settled and closed. No matter the circumstance, we have experienced it before at Birmingham Title Agency and if we cannot handle it ourselves, we know the right professional who will provide the same standard of dedication and exemplary service we hold ourselves to.

In our clients' words

We measure our success as an agency by the positive experiences of those who work with us. Your positive opinion of our work, especially when you recommend us to others, is the highest compliment we can receive. Here, in the words of our current customers, clients, and partners, is why we excel.

Being an attorney I have come across many title companies throughout my years of practice. For the past few years I have been doing business with Birmingham Title. They are simply exceptional as they provide guidance from start to finish.
Marvin Karana, Esq.
Karana Law, PLLC
This is a great title company. I’ve been in the mortgage industry for 30 years and they are the best I’ve ever worked with.
Chuck Anway
Private Mortgage Banker, Comerica Bank
I own a real estate brokerage firm and investment company with 50 + agents and employees. The previous title company we worked with failed us several times. Then, we decided to work with a new title company. I was very hesitant at first when I switched to Birmingham Title. Wow! Why didn't I change title companies sooner. I have nothing but good things to say. I have so much less stress now working with this company.
Mike Seifert
Broker, New Michigan Realty
I have closed over 20 deals with Birmingham Title and am proud to call them my exclusive title service provider. their service is A+ and they go out of their way to make sure every party to the transaction is satisfied. Their closing agents are professional and extremely knowledgeable.
Jibran Manna
Founding Broker, Level Plus Realty
I have had the pleasure of working with Peter and his team on several occasions. The entire team there is friendly, professional, quick, and accurate. You aren’t going to find a better title company to complete your transaction. Keep up the great work Birmingham Title!!!
Steven Jaboro
Real Estate Developer
I have been a residential and real estate attorney for the past 43 years. I have dealt with several title companies before but am presently dealing exclusively with Birmingham Title. They have by far exceeded my expectations by giving the best service that I've ever had. On many occasions they have gone above and beyond the call of duty to give the proper service to their clients. All their work is done in a very pleasant and professional way, and I'm always grateful for the help that's been extended to me on many occasions.
Jalal Arabo, Esq.
I have been recommending Birmingham Title to my clients for the past five years now. I have worked with Birmingham Title with my own real-estate buying and selling. And every time, they exceed my expectations. Knowledgeable, pleasant staff and a centrally located office in Southfield.
Harry Dikho
Principal, Locations Commercial Realty
Peter and Liz at Birmingham title are amazing at what they do!! They are very talented attorneys which makes title work a breeze. I’m a business broker and they help me close my deals very quickly and efficiently. They are also great at setting up 1031 exchanges.
Nadir Jiddou
Real Estate and Business Broker, MichiganBusinessBroker.com
I have worked with Liz and the team at Birmingham title on dozens of transactions, oftentimes with very tight deadlines. They are thorough, professional and have always been able to solve complex problems through common sense solutions.
Steven R. Pohl, Esq.
I use Birmingham Title for all my real estate deals and I absolutely love them! The team is very knowledgeable and they all are very friendly and helpful. My clients are always happy with the closing process. So thankful to have the Birmingham Title team part of my deals!
Sandy Hami
Real Estate Agent, Level Plus Realty
I have been working with Birmingham Title for all of my deals for the last 4 years. They are simply amazing from start to finish. The communication from the entire team is so appreciated! Liz, Peter & Shamil have always been extremely helpful with all of my questions from myself and my clients. There is no other Title Company for me!! Simply the best!!!
Monica DeStefanis
Real Estate Agent, Reserve Management
As a real estate attorney, I appreciate the high level of service and professionalism delivered by Birmingham Title. They have been an invaluable asset in completing many complicated transactions on behalf of my clients.
Randal S. Toma, Esq.
As an attorney, I am in constant need of a good title company. Birmingham Title is the best. Timely, efficient, accurate, detailed, and responsive. I could not ask for a better title company. They do all my title work. I am very happy to recommend them.
Neil Strefling, Esq.
I have worked with Birmingham Title Agency for many years & I find them easy to work with, precise & I get all my deals closed quickly. I love that they are a one stop shop, they have Legal & Title all in one place. Their attorneys are very smart & professional, love working with them & their staff & would recommend Birmingham Title Agency to anyone interested. They have never let me down.
Johnson Acho
Real Estate Investor
The Birmingham Title team always does a great job when it comes to not only title work but communication, transparency, and reliability. I would highly recommend to work with the BTA team. Keep up the good work!
Daniel Salmo
Realtor, EXP Realty
The team at Birmingham Title is prepared and knowledgeable to get the ball rolling fast, I've put some complicated deals and last minute requests infront of them and they manage to get it done with what seems to be zero effort. I highly recommend Birmingham Title, I've used them for residential and commercial closings, they do a thorough and professional job every time.
Dennis Jaboro
Real Estate Investor
I have been doing business with Birmingham Title for the last five years, and they are by far the most responsive & reliable title company I have ever worked with in my fifteen years of lending. They are happy to assist with small easy deals, large complex deals, and everything in between. They truly treat you like you are part of the family.
Mark Shadley
SVP and Chief Lending Officer, Tri-County Bank