If you need to send us an earnest-money deposit or other funds, you have several options. You can bring in or mail us a check or money order, or send us funds by wire transfer. Or you can use our latest payment option, Birmingham Title Pay, to send funds to us directly through your computer, phone or tablet. We do not accept cash.

Send us funds online

No need to worry about writing a check or going to the bank for a wire transfer! Birmingham Title Pay is now available for your convenience via Paymints, a third-party service, for earnest money deposits, funds required for closing, payments into escrow, or any other funds you need to send us! This easy and secure online payment option eliminates the need to write a check or wire payments. Sending funds for your next transaction is now safer, simpler, and quicker than ever. Please keep in mind that this payment option has a two to three business day turnaround.

Send us funds by wire

We prefer wire transfers to other methods of payment because funds are sent securely and are available almost immediately. Instructions for our escrow accounts are available upon request, and will be sent by email in PDF form. Please call us (Monday through Friday, 9 to 5) at (248) 633-2737, or email us at, to request wire instructions. Please specify what file you are sending funds for – we have multiple escrow accounts for different types of transactions. 

Upon receipt of any wire instructions, please call us to verbally confirm our instructions before initiating your wire. E-mail and internet-related fraud schemes have become increasingly common and sophisticated in recent years, leading to funds sent to fake or fraudulent accounts. Verification over the phone is one way we protect our clients’ funds against fraud. Our banking partners also alert us to any irregularities in sending or receiving funds.

Send us funds by check, cashier’s check, or money order

Paper checks should be made payable to Birmingham Title Agency, and can be dropped off at, or mailed to, our office. Earnest money deposits, or other funds deposited in advance of closing, can be paid by regular or business check, as well as cashier’s check or money order. Closing funds must be paid by cashier’s check, and we have a limit of $20,000 (total) for cashier’s checks at closing. Funds brought to closing by cashier’s check over $20,000 will be held for three business days to ensure that funds clear properly.