Working with Birmingham Title

Our commitment to our clients to provide the best in title and escrow services means making it easy to get started with title work. See the links below for several services that can help you get your title order started and give you an idea of what to expect throughout the process. We’re looking forward to working with you!

Send us funds

If you need to send us an earnest-money deposit or other funds, you have several options. You can bring in or mail us a check, or send us funds by wire transfer. Or you can use our latest payment option, Birmingham Title Pay, to send funds to us directly through your computer, phone or tablet. 

Send us title work

Use this form to order a title search or title insurance, to set up a 1031 exchange, or to send us a comment or question about an existing order. You can also send us an email at Be sure to include any relevant details about the deal, and any other parties we should include in our communications. 

Calculate your title costs

We believe the best way to ensure a successful real estate transaction is by keeping all parties informed at every stage of the process. One way we do that is by being transparent about the cost of the services we offer.

What to expect from the title process

As soon as you send us a title order, the countdown begins to the day of closing! Our preparations for closing involve several steps, designed to protect and inform all parties, from initial ordering to closing.